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"Enchanted Ivy" by Sarah Beth Durst and "boom!" by Mark Haddon

Posted by Lydia Schultz on Thursday, December 30, 2010,

“Enchanted Ivy,” by Sarah Beth Durst, reads like a love letter to Princeton University.  Durst acknowledges in her foreword that she is an alumna of the school, and that she wanted to write a novel that incorporated the many gargoyles from the campus buildings as characters.  While she manages to do so, she fails to develop a believable plot for her characters.  Lily, the protagonist, embarks on what she initially believes to be a “special” test to gain early admission to Princeton. ...

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"Stone Voice Rising" by C. Lee Tocci

Posted by Lydia Schultz on Sunday, September 13, 2009,
"Stone Voice Rising," by C. Lee Tocci shares much with a recent crop of fantasy novels for middle readers to young adults.  It is set in what feels like the present time, but with protagonists who are engaged in an important, but somewhat hidden or secret battle to save the world.  I found myself thinking of both the Harry Potter series and the Gregor the Overlander series while reading this book.  And like the initial books in those series, this book leaves much open at the end to be resolve...
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