Ken Robbins has done something with this book that I often despair of finding -- he has created an entertaining, truly informative, well-written non-fiction book for kids in middle grades.  I found this book to have information I didn't know, which is an added plus.

"For Good Measure" looks at one of those topics that people of all ages often obsess about -- how do we measure what we see or experience and why do we do it the ways we do.  (If you don't think we obsess about it, just try to get my weight out of me -- it isn't going to happen...)  This book not only explains what the measures are and how to visualize them, but it also tells a bit of the history of where they came from and where they might be going.  I liked that he included the metric terms as well.

I found the history of the terms fascinating, and I really liked the equivalent comparisons, e.g., the acre as being 80% of a football field.  The images and the explanations are clear and appropriate.  They work well to help the reader understand what these terms are and why we use them.