Bradley Trevor Greive has put together animal photos with a snappy text to create a helpful book for elementary-aged children.

His purpose is straight-forward:  he wants children to know what a "blue day" is and to recognize that everyone (maybe even these highly photogenic critters) has a blue day once in a while.  He illustrates some typical causes: feeling grumpy, lonely, or tired; being embarrassed or picked on; or simply just feeling out of place.

But Greive doesn't stop there.  He wants children to know that they have the power to change their blue days.  The second half of the book shows how to get PAST that mood by singing, napping, playing, creating, and so on.  (The photograph of the hamster and the smiling kitten are hard to ignore!)  By simply changing how one looks at things, Greive suggests, one can get over that blue day.

I think that this book would be great to have in most school libraries, classrooms, or offices.  It could be invaluable in helping younger students try to identify why they feel bad and then help them explore some ways to work through that feeling.  While a student might not pick this book up on his or her own, it could greatly assist a school counselor in getting a child through a tough day.