Robert B. Haas artfully and clearly explains how and why he uses aerial photography to capture his subjects in the wild.  Hass introduces some of the basic terminology of photography, and he makes clear just how dependent he is on the skills of the pilots he works with.

The photographs in this book are stunning.  Haas explains how he takes the photos and how often he is dependent on luck to get the best image.  The sidebar explanations about the subjects of the photos help us better understand the images – for example, why animals travel in groups and why flamingos are pink.

This book provides a great opportunity for children in these grades to grow in their appreciation of the topic.  They are often predisposed to gravitate toward animal picture books.  This book extends the idea by focusing on what is involved in creating these photos and how this job is part of Haas’s lifelong dream of “flying like a bird.”  It shows a real, concrete outcome from pursuing that dream.