“If You Lived Here:  Houses of the World,” written and illustrated by Giles Laroche, provides lovely and informative looks at various houses throughout history and the world.  The collages give intricate details that draw a reader in and make the accompanying text that much more interesting.

I have a few minor observations though.  When I first looked at the book, I was confused by the very first house.  Nothing in the title or on the cover made clear that Laroche was looking not just globally but also historically.  That detail seems important to foreground, since I suspect most readers would be expecting contemporary dwellings.

I am also unclear on the way the particular geographic locations were chosen.  The book ignores Australia and has only one house type each for South America and Africa.  By contrast, seven of the fifteen house types are located in Europe.  Again, what Laroche includes is wonderful.  I just would like to understand the apparent omissions.

This book would be useful for classrooms that are learning about houses and different ways that people around the world have built them.  Students could also try their hands at creating their own collages or other creative means to display different types of houses that they explore.

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