I am a lucky camper -- literally.  I am participating in a program sponsored MELSA public libraries and MetroNet for people who teach literature and/or who are children's librarians called Camp Read-A-Lot.  And this has been the summer camp experience I have always wanted!

The wonderful people behind this program have put together a fun bunch of new books for all of us campers to read.  We get to read books, write reviews of them, and then participate in discussions, either virtually on the Ning's forum or in person at the Day Camp date in August.  Just to give you a sense of how popular this program is, I registered on the day it first was open, but because I didn't get to it until after lunch, I was TOO LATE to be an in-person day camper.  (I'm still hopeful a spot will open up!)

As a result, I feel as if I have direction in the reading that I am doing this summer, with some accountability to go along with it.  I have been posting reviews in both places, so this site is also benefiting from my increased diligence.  I am participating with the books geared toward 4th and 5th graders, but I plan to look for the other age group books as well, given how much I have liked most of the books on the list I am currently reading.

If nothing else, this program has reminded me just how much I enjoy taking the opportunity to participate in professional development and in interacting with my peers.  This is yet another example of how technology can work to bring us all closer together.  You may want to visit the link (click on the logo above) just to see what a great job these organizers have done.