Someone posed a question about how I did the speech "bubble" above my avatar back in my All About Me post.  Here's how to go about it.

Most of you probably already know this, but to copy any image off your computer (Internet, desktop, whatever), you can simply press the "PrtSc" key, short for "Print Screen."  This key basically captures the image of whatever your screen looks like at that point. 

Open the program "Paint" which is under "Accessories" on most Windows machines.  In the upper menu, click on Edit=>Paste.

This process will result in the whole image from your screen showing up in the paint window.  You can use the cropping tools (the dotted square on the left) to select which portion of the image you want to save.  Open a new document, paste the part in that you selected, and save the new file as a jpeg.

Next, you can use either the paint program or Publisher (I used Publisher, which is part of Microsoft Office).  I pasted the jpeg of my avatar into a blank page.  I used the drawing tools on the left to create bubbles above my avatar's head.

After I created the bubble (with some smaller ones for effect), I inserted a text box inside the bubble with the program's pull down menu.

Once I inserted the text box, I could make my avatar say anything I wanted to.  Then, I went back to the print screen button, took an image of my newly thinking avatar, and cropped the piece I wanted as an image.  Then I uploaded it my blog here.

It sounds complicated, but once you get accustomed to using the Print Screen and Paint combination, you will find many things (like making directions for students and peers) significantly easier because you can SHOW them what the page will look like.

Good luck and happy playing!