Farm Light –

               For Uncle Elmer and Aunt Lorraine

On the road all night

A tightly packed station wagon

The eerie glow of city lights,

Urban wreckage

And smokestack emissions


Lulled to sleep by corn and soy beans

With only the moon and stars

Silent and mystical guardians of the dark

To mark our way


Our entry marked by aroma

Fragrant lilacs

Provide love and welcome


Then the beacon

A halo of light in the prairie

The small illuminated area

Allows us to enter in

Hearth and heart

Between the milk house, barn,

And home


While here

This outside world will be mine

Cows to be milked

Heady scents of alfalfa, hay, oats

Feral cats loving attention

Almost as much as squirts of milk


While here

This inside world will be mine

African violets deftly cultivated

Like all relationships

Insights into family flower

Stories and memorabilia

Of ancestors never met

The impenetrable childhoods

Of adults


In a dark and mysterious world

A circle to be unbroken

A sanctuary

A haven

The warm light provides

 (c) Lydia A. Schultz 2016