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Farm Light

Posted by Lydia Schultz on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, In : Portrait Gallery 

Farm Light –

               For Uncle Elmer and Aunt Lorraine

On the road all night

A tightly packed station wagon

The eerie glow of city lights,

Urban wreckage

And smokestack emissions


Lulled to sleep by corn and soy beans

With only the moon and stars

Silent and mystical guardians of the dark

To mark our way


Our entry marked by aroma

Fragrant lilacs

Provide love and welcome


Then the beacon

A halo of light in the prairie

The small illuminated area

Allows us to enter in

Hearth and heart

Between the milk...

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Posted by Lydia Schultz on Tuesday, July 19, 2016, In : Portrait Gallery 

I am currently working on several different poetry projects.  I will label each post with which project it fits into.

This poem is one that is a part of a project called (in my head at least) Portrait Gallery.  I am working on poems on various people in my family tree, trying to work on defining who they were and who I am as a result.  This poem is about my father, which I wrote a number of years ago, when I was working at a college 45 minutes from my house.



I drive like my father.

I n...

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