Welcome to Book Frontiers!

I am embarking on a journey through the frontiers of book reviewing, to give purpose and meaning to all that reading I do as a school librarian and avid reader.  Please feel free to walk with me as we go where many have gone before, but by way of some side trips they may have missed.

I'm creating separate pages for children's literature and adolescent literature, in part because each of those categories deserve focused attention.  My goal is to provide schools, libraries, students, and parents with enough detail to be able to make an informed choice about reading material.

In addition, I am including a section on "books for the mostly grown-up."
These books will be books for adults, but about material that interests me as a librarian, as an educator, and as a parent.

Finally, because I am a teacher at heart, I may occasionally add lesson plans if I think of any wonderful ways to use the material.

 About this site

Lydia Schultz

I am a school librarian and part-time college English teacher.  I hope to review many of the books I read, both in the context of my research about children's books as well as in my pursuit of recreational reading.  I want to share what I read--so what else is new?

Please feel free to contact me.  I welcome hearing feedback and advice.

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